About me

I am an interaction designer and new media curator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My work mixes exhibition design and cultural studies using data visualization and data mining as techniques for my researches about electronic art history in Argentina among other curatorial projects. I work creating and designing festivals and exhibitions gathering new media art, emerging technologies and live audiovisual performances.

I´m graduated in Electronic Arts and also hold a diploma in Cultural Industries and Digital Convergence. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Visual Arts Curatorship from the Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina).


Festivals, exhibitions, research and interactive installations.

Here you can see some selected projects.

  • Ipsum
  • Amet
  • Nullam

Electronic Art Festival

+CODE is conceived in 2015 as a framework to exhibit and develop the notion of code in art and to explore how is employed in the artistic practice -media and technology- to generate a space for reflexion on its themes and its aesthetics.

+CODE web site
Catalogues 2015 and 2016

Co-created with Guido Corallo and co-curated with Merlina Rañi.

Sónar +D 2016
Buenos Aires

As a member of curatorship team of Buenos Aires Edition, we selected local talents to exhibit installation, interactive developments, masterclasses, and audiovisual shows.

Sónar Buenos Aires website

Made with the awesome team of Nro 3 Agency

Azul de Monte solo show

"Los límites del soporte" was the name of the first solo show of Argentinean artist Azul de Monte. Exhibited in Alpha Centauri Gallery in Buenos Aires during July 2015.


Azul de Monte website
Alpha Centauri Gallery website


“Amplitud” is a documentary that gathers the voices of referents of the Argentinean scene of electronic art. It is a moment in which new manifestations and wide-circulation spaces arise. This comes along with new opportunities to go over the local production of works of art with new media.


Interaction design

Selected projects (from 2011 to 2017) where I was involved as team lead and interaction designer. Working with outstanding and innovative teams as Estado Lateral, +Castro or as an independent developer.

Most of them created using Arduino, Processing and, sometimes, very strange and unusual physical interfaces.

Processing and IoT local communities

With artists, developers among other colleagues we created our local communities to share and learn form our experiences creating new media technologies and artworks. Conferences, workshops and talks. As co-coordinator I worked organizing the meetups and activities.
All of this events were made with the effort of a great local community.

You can join us Processing Buenos Aires and Internet of Things Buenos Aires.

Civic Tech Projects

In the role of Product Owner of the Argentinean NGO Wingu, I work in the development of huge projects together with other NGOs from Latin America.
Open Data, citizen-oriented platforms and simplicity are the values to make this kind of projects, transforming problems into data, and finally into useful open source tools to improve their missions.

Some selected projects are Informal Settlements Platform, from Techo, and Torre de Control, from Project Poder.


Let´s talk!

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