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RealMix 2023

Metaverse and Bogotá Planetarium - 2023
In my role as the Argentine curator for the XR Festival RealMix, representing +CODE, I extended invitations to artists and designers Victoria Poirier, Lino Divas and Santiago Crespo to craft their inaugural immersive artworks within the metaverse, spotlighted on Spatial.io. With diverse backgrounds, these artworks artfully explore key elements of immersive spaces: the paradox of our relationship with the internet; the fantasy of boundless expanses; and the dichotomy between the value of physical presence and the contradictions within the virtual realm.


Victoria Poirier
Lino Divas
Santiago Crespo

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Interval, time and space between two limits to contemplate (2023) by Victoria Poirier. 3D modeling mounted on a navigable digital space hosted in Spatial.io

Interval, time and space between two limits to contemplate by Victoria Poirier.

Victoria Poirier's work proposes to contemplate objects and compositions in an enigmatic and strange space at the same time. The environment - which continues the experiments that the artist has developed in recent years - brings together sound, sculptures, platforms, and environments that combine in the eyes and ears of the observer, expanding the meaning of each object independently. In this way, each visitor can compose their own static images in this world that proposes to live in an interval.
Sound Design: Alejandro Suárez Pryjmaczuk.
Victoria Poirier is a graphic designer, interior designer, and artist born in Rosario, Argentina. Through different techniques and digital media, she creates morphological universes of hybrid nature to which she confers a strong scenographic and architectural dimension. In her practice, she investigates different possibilities of the scenic, ranging from landscape to object or furniture, as well as revisiting both the avant-garde movements of the 20th century and the emerging aesthetics of the digital age. In her pieces, she works on the boundaries between matter and virtuality, generating devices and sculptural supports on which she unfolds her research on digital image and 3D technology. Her work has been exhibited in Argentina, such as Vibrant Art NFT (2022), Vermeer Gallery (2023), she was selected as an artist in residence at Vertical Crypto Art (2022), and was a finalist in the Visual Arts Awards contest, Itaú Argentina Foundation (2022).
Linoland (2023) by Lino Divas. Digital installations in a 3D environment hosted in Spatial.io

Linoland by Lino Divas.

Declared independent in the midst of the Balkan conflict, this playful environment raises the flags of Lo Fi and glitch to propose a procedural drift through a series of digital cardboard proposals that attempt to problematize our everyday digital life, intermediated by platforms increasingly voracious for our content.
Lino Divas (1981) lives and works in Buenos Aires. He exhibits his works both individually and collectively in museums, contemporary art galleries, independent spaces in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, and the USA, as well as in numerous virtual media. Convinced of the potential of collaborative work on the network, he participates in and interacts with numerous autonomous visual arts projects.
Fragments (2023) by Santiago Crespo. 3D scanning through photogrammetry mounted on a navigable digital space hosted in Spatial.io.

Fragments by Santiago Crespo.

During an artistic residency in the province of Tucumán (in the northern region of Argentina), Santiago Crespo recorded the spaces and objects he discovered using photogrammetry as a technique. This technique captures the shapes of objects in three dimensions in digital format, enabling their reconstruction using points and the location of each one, emulating the original shapes as a whole. Unlike traditional photography, in which images are visualized as continuous forms, giving rise to a clear differentiation between background and figure, this type of capture and technical reproduction synthesizes information, and depending on the scale, density of points, and the point of view from which it is observed, it is possible to identify the fundamental features of each object while blurring the boundaries between them.
In Fragments, we see a selection of white point clouds (the technical term for these 3D forms) of equal size gathered in a space in total darkness without apparent floor or sky. This reconstruction brings together and intermingles fragments of present-day Tucumán, remnants of colonial Tucumán, and the Tucumán yunga (Andean mountain and jungle region). The synthesis provoked by this technique - interfering and co-creating from its technical characteristics - constructs a scenario that must be traversed to discover the new relationships created between these three facets of Tucumán that Santiago Crespo decided to reflect as a unique entity, a whole with blurred boundaries. Fragments is a project supported by the Constellations Grant from the Quincho Network and Williams Foundation as well as by Proyecto Ace and Residencia La Rural.
Santiago Crespo is an industrial designer and artist born in Gral. Roca, Río Negro, Argentina. His research focuses on the devices that surround us and the fictions of reality that they propose. He currently works from drifts where he seeks to find new possible realities expressed through different scanning and printing devices. Santiago's work is expressed in multiple media, from traditional graphics and 3D printing to animation and navigable spaces. It has been exhibited in collective exhibitions such as Vibrant Art NFT and Open Buenos Aires II.

As part of this exhibition, an online discussion was arranged with the artists, offering insights into their creative processes and their perspectives on the intersection of contemporary art with web3 and emergent technologies.

This curatorial project and the creation of the entirely new artworks for this festival have been made possible thanks to the Art, Science, and Technology Program of the Bogotá Government, along with its production team.