Text written within the framework of the exhibition "All My Noise" by Tomás García at ArtLab. February 2024.

Yes, in this exhibition by Tomás García, all the artworks were generated with artificial intelligence. And yes, it is challenging to discern which part comes from the creativity of artificial intelligence and how much belongs to the mind of Tomás García (in case you were wondering). However, the significance does not lie so much in calculating percentages of authorship but in encouraging us to explore the artworks and direct our curiosity towards our own answers: What are we witnessing? What beings are we looking at? What noise is it talking about?

"All My Noise" marks Tomás García's first exhibition, presenting an installation of multiple screens where we can see a selection of over 300 images that immerse us in a situation of deep estrangement as privileged observers of each space and being that we get to know throughout the exhibition. The images were created by designing prompts in combination with sets of visual information created and selected by Tomás García to obtain unique results and avoid the homogenization of results provided by artificial intelligence image creation models. This is not a superficial task but a central aspect of the exhibition and the creation process because there is no artificial intelligence model capable of interpreting how we are in Argentina, how the neighborhoods are, how our gazes are, and what emotions we can convey with our faces. The reason is simple: the technical development and the creation centers of these tools belong to other socio-economic and cultural spheres, and everything created will inevitably be evidence of that perspective. This is the usual scenario and conflict for Latin American artists who do not conform to the "defaults" of the tools and approach them as territories of subversion, causing artistic work to be shaped by a relationship as close as it is unique with their tools.

Tomás's project unfolds at the same time we face one of the most significant challenges: our coexistence with artificial intelligence and its impact on the culture we have built throughout our brief history. Leaving behind a tradition of highly controlled production and creation, we venture into new paradigms of creation and community. In this context, a new (dark) toolbox provides Tomás García with elements that inspire us to reflect on how we want to live our present and future. "All My Noise" offers us the opportunity to be the ones, the viewers, who immerse ourselves in the noise of our time.

Solo show by Tomás García at ArtLab, Buenos Aires, between February 9 and 29, 2024.